Trotsky Award

After each game we honor the player that had the biggest impact with the Soviet Army Hat.

Jeremy Fondran


After facing 43 shots on goal and keeping his team in a tied game at 3-3, Jeremy had the game winning in assist in overtime to lead his fellow soldiers to a 4-3 win.

Kyle Braun


Hustle and grit are always a key to winning. Kyle showed he had both in a stellar performance in the season opener. Skating hard and fast, battling for the puck, and scoring the last goal of the game. Kyle earned every second of glory by being presented with the Hat.

Tyler Grubb


Tyler had his second straight game with 4+ points. Scoring, assists, and ice vision have easily earned Tyler a week with the Hat.

Cliff Messer


A dominating performance by a defender is a sure shot way to get the Hat. Cliff locked down the opponents during this game. Showing no mercy and playing for blood, Cliff scored the go ahead goal and lead CCCH to another win!

Jordan Wright


Jordan Wright was right tonight! Scoring one of the most impressive goals of his hockey career, while dominating his opponents on and off the puck, Jordan proved why he should get the Hat in todays game!

Jeremy Fondran


Most goalies watch game film for days to prepare for their games. On this day, the most feared goalie in HNA history, found out minutes before the game that CCCH got moved up an entire division. Jeremy knew this would be the toughest game of his long and impressive career. So what did he do? He came out and played like a fucking super hero. Diving, sliding, rolling, and poking. Stopping anything that came his way and leading his team to a 6-1 victory in his 4b debut. He was a lock for the Hat after this game!

Mike Jess


Mike Jess missed the entire season due to injury until a cold night in December. When mike first stepped on the ice, the crowd gave him a standing ovation… and for good reason! Mike came out playing like a true 4b player. Cutting and slicing his opponents while picking up where he left off in 2020, with an assist. Tonight Mike was awarded the Hat for this performance.

Stephen Schulte


Stephen AKA Steaming Steve, played one of the most impressive games in CCCH history! Pure hustle and power were on full display by Steaming Steve tonight. Bashing and crashing his way to a solid and inspiring performance got Steaming Steve the Hat tonight.

Chet Mistur


Chet normally answers the call when the phone rings. Tonight it rang, and Chet answered. CCCH was stuck with only 7 skaters tonight. Chet made the choice to not let that effect him. Playing exhausted was not an option as Chet diced the enemy’s goalie and racked up 1 or 2 goals tonight. Chet was awarded with the Hat.

Kyle Braun


Kyle is no stranger to the Hat. This is the second time this season he has picked it up! Being in the right spot at the right time, and not even being listed in the official score sheet got Kyle the Hat yet once again.

Mac Yates


Mac was signed by the CCCH front office during the offseason. After tough negotiations they were able to work out a great rookie deal with Mac. That foresight by the CCCH front office paid off tonight. Mac put up not just 1, but 2 goals on a very tough team. Welcome to the Hat club Mac.

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